Why am I feeling guilty to cum?

When having sex oral sex with my partner it seems that when I get close to orgasm to like stop because something in my head is like don’t do that’s rude. Although my partner has stated that it’s ok there’s just something in me that causes me to feel guilty to orgasm. I really need to learn to clear my head. To just let it happen like the sex it feels amazing. My partner gains extreme pleasure when I perform on thing . I just can’t finish. Not to mention when edging i precum a ton and that also affects my ability to orgasm

What helped me was to have an FB whose pleasure isn’t that big of a deal. Like you don’t care as much if she cums or not, compared to a girlfriend who you don’t want to disappoint. It’s easier to be selfish

Are you aiming to cum in their mouth? Do you expect them to swallow? What other expectations do you have about cumming during oral or about oral in general? Perhaps you can change any aspect of your expectations that make you feel a bit guilty - e.g you can cum i. mouth and they not swallow or you could not cum in mouth etc .

Just some things ga to think about - try to ask yourself what exactly is concerning you - when did it start to feel less good for you and what is it about that that you could try changing.

Thanks for the advice but I do want to persue a relationship with this guy.