What would your life look like/ what would change for you if you overcome all your sexual issues overnight?

I recently went through a breakup, and the worst part? She straight-up told me I was the worst she’s ever had in bed. That’s been echoing in my head. Now, I’m avoiding getting close to anyone because I’m scared of another letdown.

Some months later after starting dating again. I met this beautiful woman. She helped me regain my sexual confidence, she was so feminine and soft, nothing compared to my ex. .With her my sexual problems just vanished. She gave me the confidence to step back into the dating world. I’d be the guy who knows he can satisfy his partner. And even at work, I’d have the guts to ask my boss for that promotion that’s been slipping away and setting up boundaries to my coworkers.

Feel free to share. What would your life look like/ what would change for you if you overcome all your sexual issues overnight?
We’re all here to support each other through this journey.


I just wanted to recognize how big of a difference the right woman can make in your life. I obviously don’t know you, but I’m really happy for you to have found someone who brings out the highest levels of confidence that are within you.

I certainly felt this early on in my current relationship, but unfortunately things took a turn when I discovered more about her sexual past. I felt inferior no matter how much reassurances she offered.

That said, I’ve made a lot of progress and have felt more of my confidence coming back to me. The biggest lesson I learned is that true confidence is there irrespective of what’s going on external to ourselves. Lately I’ve been more proactive with pursuing sustainable employment, and have prioritized my health (lifting weights, getting enough sleep, etc.).


Life is complicated, isn’t it? I actually feel that if I overcame ED - and got back to that younger confident sexual person - that my marriage wouldn’t survive, as my wife has never been keen on sex. So, I guess this current state kind of suits her and it’s not enough for me.
That said, the pride that we take in our own ability to sexually perform can feel like it’s a foundation of ourselves, or the pinnacle of what we can achieve, so I’m still striving for it, so that I know i can still do it - even if only occasionally. Birthdays and Christmas! :rofl::muscle: