What would you tell a guy who's just starting out on Mojo?

The Mojo community is full of guys at different stages of overcoming their erection issues. And we want to do a better job of helping you share your stories for motivation. :hugs:

So take a moment to speak to the guys who are on day 1 of their Mojo journey. What can they expect? What advice do you wish you’d received at the beginning? What good vibes and motivation do you want to share?

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This platform is legit. I see things differently now in my 4th month. Doing better and scaring less. I thing am somewhere slightly above 50% recovery with very little fear of failures which may come now and then… Have had continous successful sex in row with knowledge of how not to succumb to critics in my head. Sometimes i just smile when i talk back to them successful and sail through because i know am doing this out of knowledge… Moving on blindly has costed me much in the past. With mojo trainings i feel safe to make a move. The feeling that i know its going to work is priceless.

Consistency and patience is everything though. Its not a miracle thing man… Sometime you will feel like not doing it… I mean these exercises, like you want just to chill and relax but you need to push that thought somewhere and do what you must do. I personally ensure no single day ends without an exercise…


Literally only just started this week.
Been really insightful so far
Not sure what the video forums are can you keep camera off when talking to people etc?
Glad there is something like this and makes you not feel alone in this

Having a tough time. I feel like such a loser every time I can’t get hard

I did to but you gotta get that out of your head!!!
I have what seems like a great helper in the wife i opened up to her about problem and she seems 100 percent committed to me, helping me on this journey. I have had way better sex during this process than the previous 16 yeah and im 4 weeks in so it works yes there are set backs but you gotta get that shit out or your head! Keep pushing on!!!


It works. I too, at one point, felt like I was the only one that had this issue, and that I had an issue that couldn’t be fixed. Reading through the stories here, made me feel so much better. Understanding the real issue has helped me so much. Can’t say im 100% yet but I have was able to keep it up and completely relax on my last encounter. Even went for round 2! Gonna finish the lessons, then go over them again, because they are THAT helpful!


Just joined last night, been struggling for awhile now. Don’t know what to do at this point I’ve tried everything. Can barely get it up alone and not a chance with a girl. Went through a break up and it happened shortly after but also think it was to do with too much porn. It really has an affect on my mental health and I feel like I have no sex drive anymore too. Don’t know what to do at this stage I feel hopeless.


@coherent-sapphire-unicorn Welcome to Mojo! We’re glad you’ve found your way here.

The video forums, or Mojo Connects as we call them, are private zoom calls every other week where a few of us get together to talk openly about our erection issues. Everyone’s story is a bit different, but sharing and hear how other guys are experiencing similar things does wonders. I generally encourage everyone to turn their cameras on because it makes the conversation so much more powerful, but you can do whatever you’re comfortable with.

Hope to see you at our next one on Monday!

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Be open minded, feel and embrace the community, you’re not alone


Can you observe a video group call first before taking part if I thought it would be beneficial to me?

Absolutely! Come and listen in.

Your not a looser. I am in the same boat as you I have failed to have sex a lot of times and I have also over come it. I’m sure you have to adversity is part of lie and when you come out on the other side the reward is love and you deserve that. I’m here to believe in you and just k wo regardless of what other say I believe in you and I want you to believe in yourself more than I do. A phrase I have been using is how am I going to play the second half I got knocked down and I feel like I’m judged but I put that last experience behind me heard that critic the same put disarmed him with my 2nd half. Keep trying consistency is the key you are going to get there and try till you find a way


wanted to check in on you and see if you have made some strides forward. I just had some setbacks with my sexual interactions and really think this is the spot for me

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I finished the free trial and paid for the next 3 months. I’m going to finish the program 100%. I’m currently on Phase 4. The guides are really helpful, identifying the inner critic and manifesting a inner coach really clicked for me. The exercises and stretches has been encouraging me to also be more active(exercise) and try to watch less porn. I’m not 100% “cured” but I am building the confidence I need.

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So glad to see another person with a loving, supportive wife. My wife and I have been together for 18 years and the challenge is that we are on two different planets when it it comes to our sex drives (think 90/10).

Honestly, I find it very difficult to keep it up when she’s just not into it, although she often finishes me off with the most awesome handjob. However, it feels more like an obligatory service and not a loving relationship! We have talked about this already SO MANY TIMES. She just can’t raise her drive, and I told her when mine goes, it’s time to get the box (aka casket, if you kow what I mean)

BTW, I’m 70 and my wife is 57. I’m still horny as ever although my ability to perform has slowed down to once a week, down from multiple times DAILY. And as I mentioned, my dick goes completely limp when my wife fails to respond and just lies there waiting for me to finish my business. Thankfully, she’s willing to help with that handjob, but it’s just not the same as exploding inside of her when she’s moaning! It’s very frustrating and quite sad.