What sort of voices do you like for audio exercises that help you with your sexual issues? Why?


Generally female as I can relate more to arousing situations more easily

I like male voices, soft or deep. I can relate and concentrate more listening to a male voice. Female or feminine voices tend to feel invasive and I can’t relax. Male voices help me feel like I’m talking to a buddy, and that helps me let my guard down so I can do the exercise. I can’t do that listening to a feminine voice.

I like female voices because it turns me on more.

Gentle female voice for me. Robotic male voices are off putting big time. Options for voice types at the beginning of meditation could help.

Female voice is a lot more arousing.

Less robotic voices, the soft female voice has been the best

Female voice
They just seem to be more soothing

I like the male ones probably as I’m gay

Soft female voices

Soft sexy female voice