What’s the most disappointing thing you’ve tried to help your erections?


Erection cream

I stopped jerking the beanstalk once bc I thought it would help but it didn’t

Extense. Tried the pills, they didn’t work and it just made me feel like I was broken.

Maca powder

A multi-med (Cialis and Viagra) sublingual lozenge that was “personally-tailored” to my needs. It was supposed to work within 13 minutes (don’t know where they came up with that). Did very little. Tasted good, though.

Odd ‘exercises’

Ashwaganda gummies, beetroot powder

Edging every few hours to try and get my body used to reacting

I began a daily concoction of test boosters, citrulline, argenine, ginseng combined with jelqing and mass amounts of pelvic floor exercises to try to get my penis to get hard when needed.


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I’ve taken ashwaghanda pills, and considered other herbal supplements

various ed medication including viagra - some worked initially but sooner or later on bad episode led to another led to another


Herbal pills to help erections, or a cock ring.


Viagara didn’t work.

Hmm nothing except masturbate less and stop watching porn. Actually I’ve tried watching porn a bit before I know I’m going to have sex to try and get in the mood, doesn’t really work