What’s the first scene in your erotic bank?

Eye contact in blowjob

A beautiful young trans woman rubbing her cock against mine.

Going down in my wife while she’s doing something mundane like watching TV or on her phone

Going down on my wife while she’s doing something mundane like watching TV or on her phone

69 with my girl on top. Another guy starts fucking her from behind. She cums fast from the double stimulation which makes him cum inside her which makes me cum in her mouth.

My wife face fucking me whilst squinting

An amalgamation of my wife and HS girlfriend naked in a pool sucking my cock while I sit on the edge enjoying the view of her ass.

A girl in a loose shirt, visibly her nipples get hard and as I pinch them she gasps, breathes heavily and we make out

A certain girls but that i absolutely love I just keep imagining that im fucking her

fuck a skinny, dumb girl on the ass in front of a mirror in a bathroom, she calls me daddy and wants me to go slow and I put her in her place

My wife’s pants cut to show her ass. She goes to work like this.

Gf is pressed against me before dropping to her knees to pull out throbbing cock to choke on. She goes to town on that for a while before I get her up and bend her over for anal

Me going down on my gym crush. All the senses and all the accompanying images

Chubby girl on the tram eating with abandon.

Would have to be getting sucked off as I sit there by a chubby young women, me stroking her hair as she does it.

Eye contact during a blowjob

Meeting up with a girl at the gym who is wearing a sexy gym outfit and then leaving together

Having sex with my wife in a changing room of a department store.

I see my gf cheating on me with a hot friend and then I join in by fucking the friend in front of her.

It’s more of a common theme of my partner initiating and also helping direct the course of the encounter. Thinking about what they want, maybe a little dirty talk or eye contact, teasing and some edging by both of us to heighten our arousal. Shifting to what I may want - they want it too.

For example, I may want to cum in her mouth when I finish. I want her to want me to cum in her mouth.

I may want to cum on her tits and stomach, I want her to want me to cum on her, then while covered in my cum, she wants me to make her orgasm one more time before cleaning up.

Communication and connection drive it.

Instead of just an action being communicated, the desire of wanting that action elevates it so much more.

And, this goes both ways.