What’s an expanded definition of sex you wish you could live by?

Deep connection

Savoring being with the other person, building an intimate connection of love, trust, and respect but not being judged on performance.

Sex is fun and hot and a part of physical intimacy that draws us together. It’s pleasurable and about enjoying each other’s bodies.

An intimate connection with a girl you love

Sex is exploring each other and experimenting what gi es pleasure

That we can relax in sex and we can fuck and chill and linger and do nothing - like a god basking in the ambience

Looking each other in the eyes knowing we truly care about each other. Sharing of pleasure.

Pleasure and freedom

is gazing into the eyes of another and feeling that connection and pleasure all at once

Connection. Passionate. Loving make. Dominance. Fun

Owning her pussy…. And her knowing it and giving it freely

Being able to sense what pushes my partners buttons

Intimacy and cudfling

I think sex is an exciting, erotic, physical, emotional connection where for the moment while I am penetrated we are physically one. To me there is no great physical feeling which results in an exceptional emotional bond between you and that individual.

Be my authentic self at all times.

Feeling like you are the only two people together in that moment. Even if there are others around or nearby.
Being able to both be who you really

are and communicating what you like, even if it is not mainstream or dark.

Intimate full body pleasuring with a partner. That should be the goal of sex for pleasure.

Love defined physically

To pleasure my partner and be pleasured basically. That could be touching each other sexually, with hands or our mouthes. It doesn’t have to be just PIV sex which is what I thought ‘real’ sex was before.

Playful, blissful, explorative, kinky.