What does your inner critic sound like? (Part 1)

My inner critir is my own voice feeling pitty for me. It tells me that I am not good at having sex, like I am not expert. It also makes me feel ashamed of my body.
Whenever I pay attention to my inner critic I freeze and I don’t know what to say, how to act, makes me feel like whoever I am having sex with will mock me or pitty me for not being hard. Even if my cock gets hard and sex is succesful there’s always that voice that makes me wanna validate that what I did was good.

I don’t actually know what my inner critic says I don’t really think about if I’m going to be able to get hard it’s more like am I going to be able to please her or I hope she doesn’t mind the size or I hope I’m doing this right or even what if she doesn’t like it.

My inner critic is small and stands behind my shoulder whispering into my ear. Wearing silly colourful clothes that don’t match.
I think the bit I’m afraid about is just the sex, entering and maintaining. All other stuff I actually enjoy but as soon as I think about the sex later it freaks me out and I start to doubt myself or my inner critic gains strength.
I would want to stay present in the moment and in my body rather than my head and not let the future or past take me away from enjoying sex

The inner critic sounds like no one I know. It’s not a person it’s just a white dot. In the corner of my head. Says you can’t get an erection Like you couldn’t before

My inner critic wakes up during foreplay. If I’m not hard at the very beginning, then I psych myself out about not being hard and I should be hard. This sends me down a vicious loop and distracts me from actually enjoying the act

My inner critic keeps asking me if im going to be hard enough for sex. This makes me irrationally anxious amd doubtful

I need to work on this. Hard to pin-point my inner critic. I think it’s just me saying that I will fail.

My inner critic is my voice, letting me know I am not getting it up tonight. The voice starts as a whisper the closer I get to the guy’s place, and when the moment to fuck arrives, the voice gets louder, my anxiety goes off and I can’t calm the voice down; I accept I will be limp and disappoint the guy and myself.

My inner critic is my own voice, I feel like I’m my worst enemy in any situation. I’m always the first one to judge myself let alone what others think of me. If my own inner critic things I’m a failure and knows I won’t get it up in the moment, then who knows what my partner is thinking. It’s my voice constantly telling me “this won’t work” “are you even hard enough” “she doesn’t even look like she’s enjoying this”

Voice criticizing me Don’t go for sex you might not get it up ! And you will not look like a man.
There is nothing exciting about being with someone
I need to be careful about breathing

My critic is a “real man” with a 10 incher telling me I’m never going to satisfy my partner lol. Like I think porn is definitely unhelpful in that regard. I also definitely have the mental flap of worrying why I’m not getting hard and what the person I’m with going to think - especially because I’ve been really lucky to actually go to bed with some hotties recently who I would have dreamed about bedding in the past haha

I think my issues go back to a specific partner who I had a difficult relationship with. I think there was a real emotional difficulty that underlay our relationship and just made me really insecure. Sex was very fun & functional at first but there were always these big moments in our relationship where she’d sort of blow everything up. Can almost put my finger on the moment when it actually started to happen. Was right after she told me she didn’t want to be with me if I took a certain job. Like I’ve not really been totally confident since and not really formed a lasting intimate relationship either. So she’s sort of a presence too for sure.

I’ve never done this listing to your inner voice practice, I had to do it a few times to get it. My invoice is my worst enemy, it creates constant anxiety and stress in my life, i need it knocked down

My inner critic is worse when I have a bad day at work, I have a stressful job and I use to be able to calm my voice but now the stress of the day comes out in the bedroom and usually the voice starts hours before sex. It’s like I’m already convinced I will fail before I even start. If there is a chance and I am ready to go for my wife that voice just waits and then tears down my confidence and everything ends right there. My inner critic is really me and it’s a part of me I don’t recognize and I never had not but three months ago. It’s horrible how sudden this voice appeared and I thought for a moment, I’m going insane.

My inner critic doesn’t show up until the moment. Says shit like “you’re not hard enough and she definitely is noticing and is starting to get turned off”


My voice is me. Saying she doesn’t want it so don’t try. See she doesn’t want sex. She never asked you for sex.

i always hear my inner critic as this gnawing voice that forces me to acknowledge my past and how i have messed up in the past so now i’m gonna mess up again. “you weren’t able to get hard that other time, why should this be any different? just back off of her, you’re gonna mess this up.” i hate feeling like this. i want her to feel desired because she is. i want her to know that i want her

I think it is me… I’m not sure though.
It’s more feelings than thoughts.

One other answer was remarkably accurate. Though my inner critic stays with me almost constantly, telling me next time it’ll just be the same way and that I won’t be able to just fuck without the anxiety. No matter how stunning my partner is it seems to be the same, and it’s just the voice in my head telling me so.

The inner critic is my own voice and standing next to me looking down, had a bright pink shirt and blue shorts, it ranges from casual talking to shouting