What does your inner critic sound like? (Part 1)

My inner critic is my voice - not sure that I’m wearing anything particular.

It can start hours or days before, especially if its a new girl. I get worried it won’t work and that she’ll tell her friends.
At the time I’ll feel that I’m not hard enough and will tell myself it’s not gonna happen, and then talk myself out of it.
Sometimes during sex I won’t be in the moment and I’m waiting for my dick to go soft and when it does it’s an “I told you so moment” with myself

My inner critic can start up house before. Learning to control it will be huge. Trying to focus on positive thoughts.

My inner critic is a voice that normally starts up just as my wife and I are beginning foreplay or sex. “It’s going to happen again”. “Your going to go soft”. “your losing your erection again”.

In my head, it’s my own voice, it’s talking to me slowly and on a normal level… it’s does like to make me insecure and unconfident, like a bully

my inner critic is a feeling on vulnerability, weather im big enough, hard enough, making her feel good, worrying is she is comfortable.

My inner critic doesn’t have a voice but it’s a constant presence in my head stopping me to enjoy myself especially if the other person wants to pleasure me.

My inner critic tells me I’m a genetic dead-end, that I’m going to lose my relationship because I can’t get it up or keep it up during sex. A few hours before sex it tells me that I’m causing my partner pain over this and that’ll she’ll leave me and that I’m going to disappoint her again.

My inner critic feels like it’s judging me and has contempt for me - it’s better than me

My inner critic sounds like. Sort of careful, but defeatist and pessimistic.

I’m not sure I’m hearing a voice. But I do know I get hard from knowing one way or another that I’m on the right track in terms of pleasuring my partner. Now if I don’t get any indication of that during foreplay, I will either go limp or not get hard. This includes me not getting the partners "instructions " right - I really am for telling me if I’m doing something wrong ; however if I sense a tone of irritation, the anxiety kicks in.

My inner critic seems more like someone forcing thoughts into my head. Before sex these thoughts are fleeting but moments after penetration begins or sometimes just before insertion the thoughts become overwhelming.

My inner critic is my family and a voice in my head.

My inner critic is simply a feeling of dread about what might happen next. When I’m having sex, suddenly I will have this thought like “what if you lost your erection right now?” And then once that seed is planted, it’s all I can think about. It’s basically an intrusive thought that goes haywire.

I think my inner critic always says she can get pregnant. Be careful. Your precum can make her pregnant. I think
All these comming from one tragic incident I had in my past. I got one girl pregnant and that incident traumatise me. Even before I had problems getting hard with a partner. I am so good at getting hard and ejaculate with porn. So recently I took sidenafil. Now when I am not on pills my inner critic says 'you are not on pills you! Will you get hard?" stuff like that.

my inner critic sounds like me but a version of me that has his life all together and knows how to handle anything. Telling me to stop focusing on certain things and telling me that my erection is not going to happen in time as it progresses and will ruin my relationship again

There is my inner critic again, just when I’m really in the mood. He tells me that I’m not able to give my partner all the pleasure that he wants. He tells me I’m not good enough for him, because I’m not good in bed.

My inner critic is a low voice that constany tells me that I don’t measure up. It gets even louder when I’m about to have sex. I’ll start off with an election and I will go limp as soon as I hear that voice.

that was very real, I never really about identifying the inner critic

my inner critic constantly tells me that I don’t have an erection. It tells me how small and insignificant my penis is when its not hard. I know its not true, but it really screws me up

My inner critic just says “you’re not going to get hard”