What are some of the positive and negative effects of masturbation for you?

Masturbation has become the only way I can get aroused

It makes me feel good in the moment.It might make getting it up more difficult in the end.

I think having been single for 5 years, I may have desensitised my penis to sex, and have gotten used to being aroused by my own touch

Masturbation allows me to have a better understanding of the sensations that go through my penis.

Self-soothing, for sure. It gave relief from stress. I wanted nonstop as a teenager in a home of emotional neglect. By default, I will watch either porn or war films to distract from my disregulated emotions. A pretty poor, habitual strategy, I’ve come to see. I tried to give up masturbation feeling both desire and anxiety towards sex. Overtime, I saw this mind-body disconnect and started to look for understanding and strategies. Masturbation has its place now and quite often approach it as a meditation, grounding in my body, recalibrating towards my senses and sensation.

Positive effects was it was a stress relief. Negative was that sometimes I wouldn’t get the relief which I needed and it would send me in a down spiral. Sometimes I couldn’t even get erect.

Positives are relaxation.Negatives are reliance on porn itself to get hard.

Pros last longerCons less sensitive

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Death gripPorn became the go to space for me to achieve orgasm.My sexual relationship with my wife was non existent as a result of not feeling aroused around her, performance anxiety and shame if porn addiction (as I saw it) so porn was my only release.It acted as a stress reliever, but also made me feel ashamed and dirty, thereby increasing the anxiety.

Positive: Makes me feel good when I feel down (at least in the moment)Negative: Feeling of guilt afterwards, as I believe my extreme porn watching habits are negatively impacting my erection quality.

Positive:Release of stress and negative feelingsCalming and it feels adventurousOrgasmicNegative:Reliance on it for the calming effect (needing to do it to sleep)Feeling more comfortable masturbating then being intimate with partner

Some negative aspects of porn and masturbation has made it sometimes when having sex with my partner, i feel detached or not in the moment with my partner, sometimes thinking about images of that porn while having sex.

Stress release and being present in the moment vs feeling shame and using it as a distraction.

Masturbation helps me to relieve stress and to feel good about myself. I get scared about my masturbation technique and if it will effect having sex with a partner. I go weeks without masturbating in the hope it will help me to get a better an erection.

The positive effects of masturbation for me are:(1) Stress Relief(2) Body relaxation(3) Understanding my erotic self in at least 1 dimensionThe negative effects of masturbation for me are:(1) Understanding that I’m using it solely as a means to avoid other emotional scapes(2) Limiting my dimension of touch

Positives are it makes me feel good and relieves everyday anxiety or stress.Negatives are I do it too quickly so feel like I release too early. This knocks my confidence.

Positive is that I can climaxNegative is it’s hard to climax with my partner

Well, it feels awesome ofcourse! Negative would be that I have done it instead of having sex.

Positively, masturbation helps me relieve stress and opens up what I want sexually, however porbography has completely twisted what I actually want and what I think I want. For example, pornography has changed me from experiencing sex physically and emotionally to only being turned on by visuals. Masturbation, all though a stress reliever for me, has made me realise that it should not be seen as a “let’s get off when I’m stressed” because that associates masturbation with stress.

When I was young, it was fun, “forbidden”, and exciting. As I grew older, it was a way to blow off stress. I chased more and more shocking forms of porn, and eventually grew somewhat dependent on it. It was still a way to blow off stress, but it was also accompanied by shame. I did not identify as gay, but was watching gay porn (male or female) exclusively. After a session, I was ashamed and questioning my identity, every time.Now, having been sworn off porn for 6 months, I find myself unable to masturbate at all. I cannot achieve an erection, though I still get them at least some nights, and medical testing identifies no issues. So it is purely a source of pain and shame, and one that occupies my mind constantly throughout every day.