What are some of the positive and negative effects of masturbation for you?

Positives: Feels good, exciting and fun, can relieve stress, masturbation may lead to lasting longer with a partnerNegatives: May feel less horny/inclined to have sex after

@growing-jade-python but does it feel good?

I love visualizing my girlfriend when I masturbate… but I’m concerned when I don’t get an erection when I’m actually with her.

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Positive: self love, release, mental reset.Negative: dependence on unrealistic images and sensations sex with a partner might not be able to replicate.

Positive helps when stressedthe feeling of controlnegativeunrealistic expectationsnot feeling big enoughnot feeling that I look good to my partnerlasting long enoughstaying hard for more than a few minutes

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Negative is: makes it easier to climax too early

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Destress, pleasure

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I think sometimes I need to watch porn to masterbate. Its enjoyable sometimes but sometimes after I just think its disgusting.I have definitely gotten used to the death grip and watching porn

I enjoy porn, but I feel like it is starting to determine what my access to arousal is. So instead of having a partner touching me in my head, I have a scene from a porn video running in my head. It is not sensual or delicate.

Positive - pleasure, stress reliefNegatives - feeling of loneliness, shame, feel like I am to old to masturbate.

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positive it can help you rleax and last longer, negative you can get accustomed to a harder grip not natural

It has desensitized the sensations of sex for me.


Since the time I was unable to have penetrative sex I masturbate and subconsciously notice if I am maintaining my erection which is killing the fun. This is my negative. Before that I always enjoyed masturbation but used to masturbate in a prone manner without using hand. But now I use my hand.

Pros- feels good Cons- addictive, feels shameful

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Positive: It can be a form of self love. I think it can allow someone to explore themselves, and enjoy themselves. And when coupled with someone else, its a great turnon for the other person to see that you are comfortable with your own body, and enjoy your body. Negative: It can become compulsive. And its possible to use it as a coping mecanism when faced with strong emotions. Sadsturbation is real guys!

Positives - stress relief, fun, find out more about what I like, pleasuringNegatives - I don’t have a ‘death grip’, though I think at one point I may have, but I think I have got used to the sensation of masturbation rather than penetrative sex which makes it hard for me to finish in bed. I feel like porn may also have given me a fake image about what sex should be - what I watch / fantasize about when watching porn I know is not the reality of sex in real life. However, after being single for a long time I have got used to getting off on certain kinks etc which I think is another reason I experience ED during sex. Most of the fantasies I wouldn’t even want to do in real life.

makes me connect to myself more and exercise those thoughts but it desensitizes me to sex sometimes. I feel abstinence to a point is good. It’s helped in the past

Positive effect: creating the feeling of relief, and reducing stressNegative: Feeling shameful afterwards, feeling guilt

I felt at some points i was addicted to masturbating, to even some points id prefer it to actually having sex. Id do it even when not horny, it was like a routine for me. I would then find it hard to be turned on by anything else.

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positive: makes me feel excited and relaxed. gives me pleasurenegative: makes me king of relying to mastrubation for pleasure and not actual sex. feel guilty of getting more pleasure from mastrubation rather than actual sex with my partner