What affirmations work for you?

We’re healing. We’re on each other’s side. We’re going to have great fun and adventures together. I’m always behind you! We’ve got a great bond. The best is yet to come for us. This is already fun, and we’re on a good path.

It’s natural, it’s going to be alright.

i love my penis i love it so much it’s so petite

We’re working on this together for both our benefit.

You have done it and you can continue to do it so don’t worry

We’ve been through many situations together. We had our share of fun together. We are going together through sone

You can do some excellent work, soon enough I’ll be getting you back to that

Kama drama

we’re a team little guy

Saying you can do it and it will be enjoyable

That it’s a part of me and I kept telling it that it works fine

You will perform properly again

We’re a team and we’re in this together. I know you’re just trying to protect me. We’re making progress and I know we can do this, but there’s no rush.

You’re my buddy and we’re going to get better at managing this one step at a time. I’ve got you.

We’re a team. Let’s relax and enjoy this!

These are only thoughts. They are not true

I am enough, I can satisfy my girlfriend, I have done it in the past, I can do it again. We are working on it together.

Knowing it is a good dick! And that it’s mine

You are more than capable of over coming this

If a woman wants to see you again it shows that you are better than you think

You created this so you can rectify it also

There is nothing wrong with you or me. There isn’t a you or me. It’s us and we are in this together. There is nothing wrong physically. There is no reason to put all of this pressure on yourself. This is supposed to be for your pleasure.