What advice would you give to yourself before your 1st sex in life?

Hello all, since I had ED issues the last years, I have not much sexual experience, and the sexual adventures I had were not the best. So I would like to ask advice about sexual situations.

Feel free to add your general advice but also I have some specific questions: (they may sound very simple)
:large_blue_diamond:What are the most appropriate poses to start simply and easily without having much experience

:large_blue_diamond:During sex what is the most common place (or most obvious) to finish?
:small_orange_diamond:Inside condom while having interaction? (Isn’t it dangerous for the condom to break?)
:small_orange_diamond:Inside condom while getting outside of her just before?
:small_orange_diamond:Somewhere else that she will also like?

:large_blue_diamond:What is the average duration from the
moment that penetration starts until the finish?

Thank you so much in advance!