Way too much of my time

Since joining the Mojo community I seem to be obsessed with reading and responding to blog posts. It’s beginning to affect my mental health.

Heard brother!! Was thinking the same thing for myself. I’m finding myself fixated with “fixing” my ED/PE. I think I need to find a way to step back.

I think the goal is to find a place in yourself where you can be calm and relaxed. Reading post constantly doesn’t sound too great but can be helpful to reassure you of progress. Make sure you guys are working out and finding ways to not think too much about your problem. In time we all will get better and have ways of never letting this happen to us again. Just take one day at a time my friend

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I totally obsesses about these posts too. For me it was such fresh air to hear other guys experiences - I don’t have many friends and certainly don’t see this stuff talked about so it has been really interesting and helpful to be engaged here.

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