Too much to cope with

Just reading through these success stories and wondering whether I will ever be able to claim the same

Currently dealing with too much

  • divorce
  • mums deteriorating dementia
  • depression and anxiety
  • unemployed
  • three challenging teenagers
  • erectial dysfunction

I spend most of my days fighting to survive in the hope that one of the above changes, most importantly I find a job and my ED is resolved so that I can enjoy my time with my new partner and a speed a little bit of happiness into my life.

Im struggling to find the motivation and know that I need to spend sometime focusing on Mojo ED programme

How have you found the motivation to follow the programme

@yielding-yellow-bandicoot! I feel for you so much! I have had a lot of similar happenings in the last few years. Wife cheated on me with a good friend, divorce after trying to make it work for a year, lost my job twice in technology in the last 3 years, I have 3 boys all under 10 years old, struggles with anxiety in particular, and my parents are starting to show their age.

What I can share is first, the mojo app and information did help me. It helped me with my inner critic and my self talk. I also appreciated understanding a lot of what was going on from a physiology and psychological standpoint. It made so much sense that if your anxiety is like a fight or flight response you are not in the right headspace for an erection. So when I went to have sex with this tall, beautiful Swedish woman who was quite aggressive in the bedroom, no wonder I had issues with erectile dysfunction that night. After being with the same women for over a decade, of course it provoked anxiety and my inner critic was out of control. I try to view that as just what it was. One night. Since then and years before I have had no issues with ED.

So between taming the inner critic, understanding how to remain calm (i.e. box breaths, etc.) and doing some of the stretching/strengthening I can say my erectile dysfunction & anxiety related to it is 1000 times better. I still need more “data”, lol, to confirm it is completely cured but I didn’t have any issues with a short term girl friend and a few other woman post divorce. I am curiously waiting for the next opportunity and even if I do have issues I feel a lot less shame knowing it is normal with a little anxiety & an out of control inner critic. I don’t feel the shame I felt without that knowledge.

Lastly, who wouldn’t have anxiety after all that has happened to you. Be kind to yourself. Easy to say, hard to do, but so worth it. I find journaling, meditating, and practicing self care with exercise has done wonders. I know with perseverance and self-care there are good things ahead. I bet its the same for you!