The Lord has risen

Finally I had a quick erection within minutes of my girl sucking my dick and I started to pump her hard in doggy style. I pulled out a little so as not to come fast and I could still keep my erections… This was such an ego boost. I’m so excited to get back to this stage.


Me too I was able to keep an erection while my boyfriend was pounding me and I cummed, my preformance felt amazing too and I didn’t worry much


Have you been doing the mojo exercises? And how long did it take for you to get better?

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Wow! Amazing! Into which phase are you guys with success?
And I think it helps to have a permanent girlfriend or boyfriend, I don’t have anyone, the search itself is a long exhausting exercise


Yes I have. I got a more frequent girl who visited me pretty often. I started working out hard and losing weight. Added some meditation to the mix. Then I started taking supplements like black maca, horny goat weed, fibula and fenugreek.

I cut down porn and reduced masturbation. I was still struggling to get hard during intercourse so I started masturbating and got hard. Then I was taking long breathe to calm myself. This helped me stay hard and reduce anxiety.