"The Existential Importance of the Penis"

I recently encountered this podcast and I am about halfway through the book. There are A LOT if interesting insights: https://www.natashahelfer.com/the-natasha-helfer-podcast/the-existential-importance-of-the-penis-daniel-watter. There’s a lot to it, but basically Dr. Watter’s work explores what ED means to the man, and unpacks some of the existential fears surrounding the issue.



Thanks mate I’ll give this a listen. :wink:

What a GREAT podcast!

Thanks for sharing that! I’m actually familiar with Natasha but didn’t know she has a podcast. Dr. Watter’s work does have a lot of interesting insights and a pretty fresh lens to look at male sexuality and dysfunction through. It really resonated with me. Highly recommend!

Wow - compulsory listening - I could relate to much of what they were saying.