Talking to my mother about E.D

I have been speaking to my mother about my E.D and she had given me viagras to take, they worked to get hard but I still couldn’t cum even after 40 minutes of trying

I can’t even imagine talking to my mother about ED…I’d think that’s a boundary loss there in your relationship. There is a book called When He’s Married to Mom by Adams and Morgan that could be very helpful for anyone who has “too close” of a relationship with mother that it interferes with connecting with your partner physically. It’s Enmeshment Syndrome. Pills aren’t going to fix that. The issue isn’t physical, it’s emotional abuse by a parent. I am reading the book now, and about halfway through. I also had ‘too close’ of a relationship with my mother (for example, I know, unfortunately, what my dad likes and doesn’t like in bed, her toilet habits, and other things she should never have confided in her child in over her husband), but even with that, yours sounds even more boundary-less talking about erections with her.