Swinging kills my erection

Just got into the lifestyle with my wife. We have had two experiences with others where I was not able to hold an erection. After the other folks left I had a hard on you could swing for and my wife and I fucked like we normally do. I really love the swinging lifestyle but I have to get out of my head. Just starting Mojo today. Any advice for those that have worked through similar issues?

Definitely.Do the box breathing exercises, and don’t put so much pressure on yourself to perform. You’re trying something new with new partners
and you need to give your brain a chance to adapt.

Interesting! Had same thing happen recently at swinger event and was freaked out as I’m generally pretty hard and long lasting

You don’t feel any sort of way seeing your wife with other men? Thought about similar experiences with my gf but idk how I’d be.

This is a super common experience in the lifestyle, it’s a new experience with many opportunities to get anxious and in your head. Acknowledging that you may have issues at the start may help disarm expectations for you, centre ways of pleasuring your partner that don’t involve your penis. Don’t neglect the importance of foreplay for yourself as well, makeout and roll around with your partners, enjoy the sensation of exploring their bodies.