Situational performance anxiety

Condoms are an erection killer for me, lots of negative self talk about how I will probably fk this up and this will be the end of our intimate experience. Worrying about if I will stay hard, lots of fumbling with the condom in anxious preparation. Using some masturbation during the foreplay helps me get hard (not a good thing, feels like an emergency lever) but once the condom is now that takes away some of my ability

Changing positions. And the girl not seemingly enjoying it

Transitioning from foreplay to intercourse.

During foreplay I keep checking if my penis is hard which in most cases is not. And, because of this I keep delaying intercourse. And, when my partner asks if I am ready, I start to panic and gets nervous.

Putting on a condom give me anxiety. The worry that I’ll lose an election sticks in my mind

Mainly during putting on condom, exactly how the guy told the story

It’s just hit or miss. The mornings are always reliably good but it’s the spontaneous afternoon sessions that she really likes - I find piles on the pressure. I really do want to do it too but it’s the fact I have to perform not get there slowly seems to be the problem.

Condoms definitely, but also when I notice that the girl clearly wants to move on from „fore-play“ aka everything but penetrative sex to penetrative sex. Makes me feel like I need to perform and that gets me inside my head.

Condoms have definitely been an issue in my latest episodes with sex. And I can totally relate to this whole sequence breaking the intimacy of the action of sex.

When I go from foreplay to penetration the spectator shows up to judge where my erection is at and then I usually have to stroke myself while using the other hand to play with her in order to get my erection back from that pattern

I just feel like I won’t be hard enough for her or that my penis isn’t working correctly

Putting on condoms

Plenty of them: condom phase, change of positions (and some of them), noises of the street, and everything that involves standing up.

Putting on a condom and any thumbling

For me it is, the phase between foreplay and intercourse. When she starts to get naked and grabs my crotch which is nowhere near hard

I think putting on a condom can definitely get me nervous, luckily my partner for the most part will help me put it on and I find that very helpful sometimes. Otherwise my biggest situation is when I’ve been anticipating sex for the whole day or counting when was the last time we had sex.

The thought of vaginal penetration gets me in to my head. I’ll be hard when I’m receiving oral and then she stops and I think ok now I need to stay hard to get in to her pussy and bang I start to lose my erection. The feeling of starting to lose it then confirms my fear and I spiral. Then I’m soft and I go in to a deeper spiral of being in my head. Add putting a condom on in to the process and I’m screwed.

Getting the condom with a new girlfriend just totally killed my election and I haven’t put one back on yet

Moving from foreplay to intercourse is the killer for me or more specifically, the over thinking that starts in my head while I decide, is now the right time to penetrate. Panic can set in and I lose erection once inside.

For me, I run into issues with the idea of both planning when sex will happen and being spontaneous. When planned for a specific day, I get in my head about needing to be ready at the exact moment because we planned on this exact time. The idea of waiting and being in my head for so long prior to the act really messes with my ability to be ready when the moment arrives. Being spontaneous is also difficult because it makes me sometimes feel like if I don’t think about being ready to go before any potential session, then it’s like I haven’t prepared enough in my mind to be ready. It’s a double edged sword.