Situational performance anxiety

Situational anxiety, worry about keeping erection

Definitely condoms yeah.

For me, I feel that when I’m trying to get into foreplay, my mind runs and start talking about if i would get an erection or stay hard while I’m pleasuring my partner. Once that happens then i start feeling the anxiety ( Heart beat increase, like a knot in my chest, etc. ) Even after foreplay and time to put on the condom, i noticed it isn’t fully hard / just semi hard and by the time i get the condom open and on it’s gone full limp. Very frustrating.

Putting on condoms and getting with someone the first time I just know I won’t get it up. I sort of accept it before it starts and just make a joke to the person so that when it happens they aren’t surprised. I think the joke is a way of me keeping control of the situation

when it’s been a week or two since me and my GF have done anything. then the pressures on to perform. we both only get a few days off together so it feels locked into our time off otherwise it won’t happen for another week and so on.

plus i start associating days off with anxious conversations with my GF if i’m not in the mood (to tired, anxious etc.). that in itself ruins the experience.

New people i bring into bed mostly. It’s kind of bugging me out in the sense that what will they say afterwards, what will they think. Will they think of it as a dissapointing momement, a failure? I just don’t know and it really affects me both during and after but also when the random thought of it pops in my head. It’s really stressful.

The time just before penetration, if I feel the erection begin to weaken.

Feeling numb in the genital area panics me as I think it will definitely lead to no erection.

Transitioning from foreplay to intercourse, with the step in between of putting on the condom.

Since getting a vasectomy we haven’t used condoms during sex. Unfortunately, the unexpected psychological trauma of seeing smoke rise from my testicles and feels by like less of a man exacerbated my ED issues which I had begun to cause through a growing addiction to pornography after my children were born and sex was not something my wife wanted as regularly. My situational anxiety is more to do with sex itself because of the the negative images of have associated with it through repeatedly watching unrealistic sexual performance over time.

I’ll often be completely in the moment during foreplay, but when it comes time to transition to penetration the move often causes me to lose my erection.

I feel like the condoms make it harder because I lose sensation. I’m already trying to concentrate on the feeling to keep hard and the condom makes it worse.

First time, if I’ve traveled to meet them anything where I’m unsure of myself.

When the other guy has an erection and I don’t. That makes me think I’m behind or not as sexually fit as he is.

When I want to go home with someone after a night out or plan for sex in the future, I put pressure on myself to have an erection. I put emphasis on an erection to happen when having sex. It MUST happen for me to feel satisfied with my performance. I’m slowly trying to take pressure off of the erection and just enjoy the experience of being with someone else.

Going from foreplay to intercourse makes me get into my own head, I’m sometimes able to manage with this and get an erection but putting on a condom definitely gets me off the mood and into my own head again spectatoring

Sometimes when i perform oral sex with my girlfriend, I tend to lose my erection.

The downward spiral of starting to lose the erection always causes a massive panic and wave of anxiety which kills my ability to stay hard.

Just having to focus on putting the condom and checking if it is hard enough at the same time

Transitiong from foreplay to sex, during foreplay im hard and erect but the moment a switch to intercourse i can feel myself being like “come on stay hard”

When i get a blowjob i don’t normally feel anything, but feel like i have to act like i’m enjoying it. This makes me lose my erection either just cus i don’t like it or cus i’m spectating and trying to act in a way my partner will feel good about.

Putting on a condom, I reach for it and the negative thoughts hit me, then I lose my erection