Should I restart from the beginning?

I’ll keep this brief. I fell off the wagon with doing the stuff on Mojo. Do you think I should start from the beginning?

What would you do?

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I’m in the same boat and plan to continue where I left off. I plan to stack the habit in the evening after brushing my teeth, since trying to squeeze this into the morning was taking too much time.

Thanks for your input. I’m thinking of taking it from the top. I’ve been crap about making any of this into habits, except the meditations. Even with that it’s only because I was already meditating, so it was just a different track.

I don’t think you need to completely restart. I made it to Phase 6 before falling off for a few weeks, but am jumping back in where I left off. You’ve learned the concepts from your previous phases and can apply the strategies that work for you. Keep going!

I wouldn’t bother starting from the beginning. You may end up falling off again because of the way the course is set up. That’s what happens to me all the time. I find the content engaging and useful, but then there’s a break of several days where you’re just asked to do a breathing exercise for 5 minutes. Those are the periods in which I end up losing interest and de-prioritizing it. Just pick up from where you were.

See what feels right.
Maybe just do the parts you find most beneficial?

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No. It may be good to revisit the videos/knowledge but ultimately it’s about staying consistent. Get back into your patterns, keep going where you dropped off. Stay disciplined.

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I also recently fell behind for a couple weeks, after making it quite far, so i can relate.

I definitely didn’t start from the beginning, but i did find it helpful to briefly and intentionally review some material — the things that I maybe didn’t fully absorb the first time around, the things that i liked and want to really absorb, and especially the things that might have contributed to my falling out of the habit. For me Sensate was in that final category; i would often put it off for another day. Reviewing the content and even researching it outside Mojo really helped me see how helpful it could be and gave me renewed motivation. So now when it comes up, instead of shying away from it I really pay special attention to it.

The review also showed me how much progress i had already made, so rather than being discouraged by my break it encouraged me to keep going with it.

That said, if you feel like starting at square one it couldn’t hurt! But don’t beat yourself up.

Starting over depends on where you are with your confidence. If you feel you can pick up where you left off and and continue from there then do it. But if you feel you are completely off the wagon then there is nothing wrong with starting over. You may find something the second time that you didn’t see the first time.

It’s good to keep reminding yourself about the concepts. It’s a lot about repeating so just continue where you left off

No. Just think back on what you learned and pick it back up. Restarting will only hurt your confidence

I can’t lie there is an element of self-doubt, or giving up on the app like I do a lot of other things in life. Finding the time to do it daily while trying to ensure no one around you sees what you’re doing is a difficult, but I’ll pick back up where I left off and see if I can finish what I’ve started for once.

Should I?

Maybe half way through for sure & I’d bring my missus into it

I would start from the beginning, there ain’t nothing wrong with revisiting the fundamentals and start meditations from scratch. Remember, getting better is not a sprint but a marathon, and there’s no cutting corners, as all the tools you learn only gets second nature with daily practice

I’d keep moving forward. Then when you’re done and you feel like there is stuff in the beginning that needs to be reinforced… that’s when you can restart the program.

Good question, im in the same boat as you

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I’m not going to start over. I’m starting up again tomorrow. Thankfully my wife and I are very much on the same page about not feeling it at the moment.

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