Sex anxiety due to years of problems resulting in pe and the breakdown of a loving relationship. Worried I will never be the same man again

I have had problems with sex for a long time now. It started with my ex wife, she would constantly turn me down for sex then we had to spend 8 years using hormone and ivf to have 2 children, the problems were on her side. Sex became something I was told I had to do and when to do it, it became not enjoyable anymore. As a result of this I developed premature ej as I just wanted it over as quick as possible. Eventually we broke up and I met someone else who I really loved. I had so much anxiety about my problem that I needed to have a drink before sex to make me relax and perform for longer. Obviously that is not sustainable and I started making excuses to not have sex and totally avoiding sex, resulting in my gf feeling i wasn’t attracted to her anymore. We have recently split up over a few issues but this was definitely something that was a problem and I’m totally in my own head about it now. I worry that this will be a problem for the rest of my life, resulting in never being able to have a normal sexual relationship with someone I love.