Progress : Condom, ED and Revival

Last night I had sex for the first time in at least 15 months and managed to maintain an erection throughout.

I’ll go in stages

  1. Foreplay was fun, inner critic was at work and I could feel the tension concerning my erection.

  2. I struggled not to spectator. I tried to detach myself from the end goal and enjoy th moment.

  3. I reached for the condom and boom. Erection gone. Flacid penis…I’ve been here before. So many times before a condom has usually signalled the end of the line.

  4. We paused and I asked my partner to lay back. We began a little role playing and rubbing my penis against her…a few minutes later…it was ALIVE. I felt in control

  5. The sex was great, even more so it felt so good to be connected, intimately and sexually with someone else. It’s been a while.

Point 3 is normally where my journey ends.
The foreplay following point 3 was key, I fully relaxed once the pressure of performance was off. I’d made my partner aware of ED issues and explained I may need some time to feel ready.

By no means have I solved this issue BUT it was a first step in building confidence.

Keep going guys