Post surgery struggles and reverse kegels

I had knee surgery in the autumn and the two occasions I’ve been with a girl since I’ve struggled with maintaining an erection (been getting it okay in the first place). Is my surgery (and gradual rehab) a likely cause of weakening of some important muscles? I’ve been doing kegels for years but reverse kegels are new to me…are they specifically good for maintaining an erection?


I would recommend bringing this up with your doctor if you haven’t already (sorry, I know you’ve probably thought/heard that before!), if there is a reason your surgery might be contributing to this issue, they’ll be the best source of information.

I’m pretty sure reverse kegels are for relaxing tightness in your pelvic floor, where regular kegels are for strengthening (double check that please, but I’m fairly sure I’m correct!).

Yeah I think you’re right, but would make sense for certain muscles etc to be tight after five months of limited motion and mobility. So hopefully things improve as I get back to full fitness. Or so I’m thinking/hoping

I’m sure it will, in the meantime I’d just make sure you give yourself enough space to work through it if there are any issues. Be kind to yourself and be patient.