Performance anxiety with girlfriend

Hey everyone! I don’t always stay hard when I have sex with my girlfriend, and she told me that she sometimes thinks I’m not attracted to her…Which is not true at all! I was worried she might think that. We were away for a few days when she said this, and I had a really bad anxiety attack when we went to have sex after talking about this, and I wasn’t able to perform for the rest of the trip. I obviously feel horrible about this and I of course feel like I won’t be able to perform again.

Dang almost same issue here. But this: I went with a girl at our first date. I usually stay hard all thr way with my regular partner (no judgement ok :slight_smile: ) and she usually comes 2 times or even more. I can also have 3-4 masturbation per day no issue. Got that beautiful girl in my bed and lost it at some point. Here is what I’m doing. Hope this can help. 1+ I will stop watching porn when masturbating (at least once in every other occasion). 2+ I masturbate with a condom. 3+ I know what I’m doing is wrong and that will excite me more (I watched Cam’s interview)