Over familiarity

I have been married with my partner for 5 years and known each other for 7. Sex certainly has changed over time. I wonder if anyone feels over familiarity of your spouse’s body in terms of visual smell and even touch, and somehow finds it hard to spark the excitement?


Sex and intimacy will change over time and if you are in a long term relationship it will be really helpful for you and your partner to be able to communicate about this part of your relationship. Often it is difficult, at the start everything is easy, we don’t have to say anything. Then over time things can change, there is a familiarity, not that obsessive feeling that we often have at the start. This is when we need to share how we are feeling, what is working for us, what is not working for us. If you can set aside time when you are both feeling calm and come from a constructive loving place. If it is too hard by yourself, try a couples therapist, you might only need a few sessions. Therapists can help you have the conversations you can’t have yourselves! Good luck, it will be worth it!

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