Oral to penetration

I’m perfectly hard during getting oral just go soft before penetration or shortly after. What causes this?

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You’re getting in your head once you know you’re about to have sec thinking am i gonna stay hard or not. Try not to think that and instead be in tune with your senses.

This has happened to me as well. I think it’s attributed with perhaps having a mental association with penetration and a negative experience in the past that may have caused performance anxiety. Another thing I experienced when I was a teen (about 15 yrs old), a virgin, and desperately trying to lose my virginity, is that I placed too much value and emphasis on sex and the penetration and perhaps not enough emphasis on building a real connection with my partner and enjoying an intimate experience with another person.

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I’ve experienced this. I’ve found remaining present ‘being’ in the moment as opposed to waiting for sex to happen. For me, this has involved

  • Being more communicative during sex
  • Telling my partner what I like
  • Asking them what they like too
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I’ve had this happen many times. I think it’s due to prior negative experiences where I’ve lost my erection during intercourse but not from oral sex. My wife and I are trying to conceive at the moment which probably adds more pressure to intercourse. I find a blindfold / eye mask to be very good for keeping me out of my head.

I get the same way and I think it is because I know I will keep an erection during oral but I have lost my erection so many times during penetration that I start to get nervous and that causes me to lose my erection.

An overflowing surge of anxiety and nervousness takes over when I know the penetration is coming