Opened relationship

Hi everyone! I’ve been struggling with ED since my first sex experience at 16. At that time I was not conscious of being anxious but after getting hard I got soft when I had to go get the condom. It has been very traumatizing to me I remember crying a lot. I’m 42 now. I’m in a relationship where sex is pretty satisfactory. At start I had ED but after talking more about it it started to work every time. But I also know that I need more exposure to new experiences with random people to loose the fear of not getting hard. For this and other reasons, we decide and we want to open the relation ship.

It’s really something that I want. For me my relationship for my boyfriend. But even we have good sex together, my fear now is that having problems with casual partners will affect my self estime and my sex life. And also, even I truly believe that it’s fine that my boyfriend can have pleasure with someone else, I’m not sure how much my inner self can handle this idea and make my ED worse.

If somebody had a similar experience, I would be happy to hear it! Thanks!


In my experience : While bringing new people into the fold can be super hot and increase desire for your partner, it’s not for the faint of heart. I was in a relationship for years when we invited someone in and we had great experiences. That said, there were a time or few where I could not perform for whatever reason. Not to mention, the mental anguish that can arise if you’re insecure in the relationship. It’s super fun fs, but also requires a sturdy relationship built on trust to make for the best outcome.