Oh what a wonderful sight!

This morning :sunrise: for the first time in a long time I was greeted by 5 and half inches (about 14 cm) of tumescent penis. Yes, I had morning wood, a stiffy, morning glory, call it whatever you like.
As a bloke experiencing E.D. I was so pleased to see it. I didnโ€™t play with myself, I just let it be and felt really wonderful :smile:. This is my seventh day of my trial with Mojo and I certainly will subscribe. You guys at Mojo are awesome! Thankyou.


@zestful-scarlet-cow I remember my first โ€œmorning woodโ€ after a bought with E.D. It was so encouraging and just by a funny coincidence I had one this morning too! It still is fun to wake up with my friend! You appreciate it more for sure! Whatever you are doing keep it up!