Non penetrative sex idea

I’ve tried it with my current partner and it has been really great. I’ve been taking some courses about tantric massage for vulvas, and we have both been really enjoying that. She has also been playing with my soft penis and it has become quite enjoyable. The frustrations usually come from failing at penetrative sex. So overall sex has become much more enjoyable.

I do find though that I’m still craving for penetrative sex. But if I attempt it, I usually get soft and then frustrated.

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New user here. This really resonates with me. Thank you for sharing.

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I tried this once with a partner, pleasuring her body without having to think about having penetrative sex built my confidence up. I satisfied her needs enough while going through this phase.The next stage was letting her touching me and getting me aroused and eventually got to giving each other oral. The next stage would have been penetrative sex but we split not long after. …not tried with anyone since knocked dating on the head…but met someone who I hope I feel I can try it again and hopefully get to the end and have a happy sex life

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Hmm interesting idea, however what if someone’s at the point where they can’t get an erection even from mutual masterbation?

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I think this is a great idea. It’s something my boyfriend did with me to take away the pressures of me and my ED. It really helped build intimacy which then stopped fixating on my issues


I is really good for focussing on the now, rather than imagining what is or could be around the corner.


Yes, touching, stroking, and kissing get relegated to foreplay. But these can be the “main event” !

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That’s me tbh. Having trouble getting hard even on my own. The idea is about removing the expectation of having to get an erection.

Totally feel that. Maybe back up to just sensual touching with no sexual expectation, or just working on yourselves before trying mutual masturbation?