Making some progress

I wanted to share a bit of success, as I’m feeling pleased and confident about it and to hopefully encourage others. I’ve been dealing with ED and PE for many years, been using the app for about a month, and last night had sex for the first time in several months where I haven’t felt anxious.

I’m by no means there yet, but felt the things I’ve learnt so far really helped. I had a brief moment of spectatoring during foreplay which made me go a bit soft, but rather than respond with panic as I would’ve done previously (and therefore ended up losing my erection completely), I just noticed it and acknowledged it, knowing it can just come back. I breathed, started focusing on other sensations, and responded to the critic that had immediately popped up in my head. It was far more difficult to do those things in the moment compared to when I’m on my own practising them in the app, BUT I was able to do them, and it worked. I got hard again, carried on with the foreplay, and then when it got to the penetrative part of sex I wasn’t feeling anxious, and lasted a good couple of minutes longer than usual. Again, not where’d I’d like to be but far better than usual.

The stuff in this app really does work. And even though it was challenging to use the techniques in the moment, they’ll surely become easier over time with more practise, to the point where that’s how I’ll respond naturally rather than just going into full fight or flight.



Nice bro! How did you get Roger the anxiety in the moment? I feel like once I’m getting anxious and feel like I’m gonna go soft and I just want to stop and give up right there normally.