Maintaining an erection and/or trouble having an orgasm

I’ve got the most perfect boyfriend ever and that’s the issue I think. He’s just so beautiful I feel a real pressure to perform to make him happy and because of this I get in my head a lot… I think “don’t lose an erection” and I do… he asks me to cum…. And I can’t…… and one or both of these happens all the time. I feel like he gets upset that I don’t cum or I lose an erection and he thinks he’s the problem. I’ve found myself getting viagra which of course fixes the erection issue but I’m still unable to orgasm 60% of the time. I feel this is so important for intimacy to share that moment together and I’m just unable to do it. Anyone else experience something like this and what did you do?

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Also this never happened at the start of our relationship, we’ve always had a great sex life and still do to a degree… the more I have fallen in love with him the more I fear losing him the more I overthink and take myself out of the moment and the issues happen

Hey. Very similar for me. I have the best bf and I often get hard, but then my inner critic comes along and I think ‘I need to keep this erection’ and then it starts to go soft and there is no recovering it from there! He thinks its him. I know its my head!