Last 6 months PME

I just turned 40 last fall and feel like in last 6 months, I am not hard enough after penetrating. Foreplays are good and hard but somehow feel a bit soft when finally it’s placed well. For past 6 years, been using condom and feel like if it were not for condom it won’t be like this… is it just Age effect here? I’m a fit healthy individual so sometimes feel like I’m not at my
fullest when not having the sex I used to have earlier!!

Age does have an effect but it does not mean you can’t have great sex. Important to have a full health check, any lifestyle changes? Booze, weight etc Condoms can sometimes take away sensation. Try brands which offer more ‘feeling’. You might need to do some mindful work on keeping arousing thoughts going when you do enter - staying in your body and not going into your head. Share with your partner if you can you might need an arousing ‘boost’ at this stage - might be fun thinking what this might be? Don’t worry about not being your ‘fullest’ it will still be fun!

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