Lack of sex with wife now caused ed issues

I met my wife 5 years ago. Moved in 2 years ago, married 6 months ago. Im 35. Shes 32.

I have always had some level of ed issues- for context i work out 6x a week and eat healthy. I first checked my test levels at 19 and it was 350. Its now 298. I know this is on the lower end, and i truly feel it it.

Our sex life prior to moving in was occasional sex mixed with some masterbation for each other. Days when i felt i couldnt get it up, i felt comfortable enough to just get her off.

Fast forward, we moved in. She began struggling with some ocd issues which also caused us to not have sex. Part of me felt good about that due to the anxiety of disapointment.

Recently, we decided to start trying for a baby. I was able to get her into the mood easily (which removed her ocd about pain during sex) but i could not maintain erection. For 3 nights in a row (now ovulation is over). I feel like such a failure. I assured her that we are going on vacation and we will do it often there without pressure and we will succeed next month. However, idk if i belive that. Im scared. How could i get my wife pregnant and have a child if i lose my erection half way in…i have now ordered pills :(.

I do see trt or clomid in the future as a start, but i worry about the quality of sperm the drugs might effect.
Sorry for long message. Thank you for reading.

Clomid has bad side effects. You need trt. And hcg added to maintain fertility, it’s normal protocol. I’ve been doing research on it for myself and from what I’ve seen at your levels your quality of life is very likely to improve. Doesn’t necessarily mean it’s guaranteed to fix your erection problem, but it’s a start. I’d recommend getting a referral from you doctor to a urologist or endocrinologist. Or if you want to do the online route I’ve seen some reddit AMA’s from “alphaMD” and they seem to know what they’re talking about, and be focused on the needs of each patient rather than just prescribing a fixed amount to everyone like some clinics seem to do. I would recommend reading their ama’s to learn more about the subject whether you go with them or try the insurance route.