Just had pretty good sex with one mental trick

Hey guys,
I recently studied at Harvard business school and we learned an easy mental exercise to prepare for tough negotiations.
We are nervous no doubt and instead of admitting to ourself that we are fearful of what is coming next, or trying to calm ourselves down we learned a third option: just telling ourselves that the energy we feel is excitement and saying that out loud (or in our heads) befor we enter the negotiation. The study showed that that third option led to way better outcomes. So I tried this for sex and got way better experiences as well. I tested the idea more than once and the results are overwhelmingly positive.
I strongly recommend trying this! Have fun :wink:



I learned this from a buddy during our frequent practical exams in grad school. Never thought to apply it here, but makes so much sense.

The biological response is the same. It’s only how we interpret those signals and give them meaning that “decides” the difference between nervousness and excitement.

This is an interesting application of that. Makes sense!