Just diagnosed with bpd for real

My doc didn’t want to believe it until I started doing things that reminded me of her mother. She nearly cried. Then confirmed her diagnosis for me. I have bpd. Anyone have any war stories?

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Sir this is an app for people with erection issues :slight_smile:

I am undiagnosed, but I’m pretty sure I have BPD. Sadly it seems like I got the version that’s sexually avoidant and makes me think my penis is deformed. I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube videos on it, trying to learn to change my patterns in addition to trying Mojo for my sexually issues.

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Military olive, my dick doesn’t work either. I know where I am. I’m posting on the mental health wall in this app. If you wanna talk mental health, let’s talk.

My first wife told me 25 years ago my dick shape was too uncomfortable for anything but missionary. I believed that all while we were married, ten years…and then it took another decade to figure out how that (and my childhood trauma) made me believe so many wrong things about myself. I want my dick to work. But I know I have to figure out the other shit first.