If you are taking vyvanse read this

I have taken Vyvanse for years for mild ADHD. I only recently became sexually active again after being separated and going through divorce. My new partner is very active and I was having trouble keeping up. Viagra helped but I noticed I had a much easier time maintaining an erection in the mornings. On a whim I looked up sexual side effects of Vyvanse and wouldn’t you k ow many men reported difficulty maintaining an erection on the drug. It was leaving my system by morning so that’s why things worked better. I quit taking it and within 48 hours it was like taking Viagra all day long. I had no idea Vyvanse was affecting me so heavily, and I was only taking the lowest daily dose. I hope this helps someone out there because it was like night and day for me, and now I’m wearing her out! Thank you internet and everyone who reported these symptoms.

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