I can’t stay hard for more than a minute

I’m a young guy (18 years old) and recently fell into the cycle of erection issues. I have been seeing a new girl and on the first time we tried sexual activities I went soft during a handjob. This destroyed my confidence. Although I am a virgin I have had a girlfriend before and we did a lot of oral sex and I had no issues at all. With the new girl I have struggled to stay hard for more than a few seconds whilst kissing and I have been scared to progress further and everytime we have been about to do something sexual I try to break things off or make an excuse, it’s been about 2 months since it happened. As of right now I have told her about my fears but frankly do not want to get into sexual situations with her as I have no faith I can perform. Any advice on this?

At your age you should not have issued. I would see a urologist and do some tests. Then maybe a therapist that specializes in sex therapy. You would definitely follow through with this app

Do you watch a lot of porn?