How to recover after ejaculation?

Hey y’all
I’m able to get an erection but when I’m intimate with my wife I ejaculate quickly then it takes like 10-20mins to bounce back. During this times it’s a total mood killer and my spouse has kind of given up our intimate life because of my both erection issues, rapid ejaculation and slow recovery.

What’s the fix? Does this happen to anyone else?

10 - 20 minutes seems pretty reasonable to me. Do you need to go again?
If your wife doesn’t want to have sex with you then maybe find someone who does.

I joined mojo because I want to figure out my body, not cheat on my wife.

My issue I mentioned is rapid ejaculation + long recovery.

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10-20 minutes sounds very normal. Maybe you two can relax and enjoy each other (or yourselves) for that time? If you think any of it has to do with your relationship/dynamic, I’ve been reading “Mating in Captivity” by Esther Perel and she brings a lot of fresh thinking to understanding the erotic lives of committed partners. I highly recommend it. She also has TED talks and a podcast if you want another way into the content.

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Breathwork. Seriously. Focus on deep breathing in and out. When you feel yourself approaching the edge, pause or slow down the physical aspects and do the deep breathing. Do this before you get to a 10 (ejaculation) and its too late. Read Mantak Chia’s “The Multiorgasmic Man.” You got this man!

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