Here’s what happened to me

Hi there, so a few months ago, I got in to a new relationship, we just clicked, everything going strong and still is, despite my current issue. Anyway, we had been flirty for a while, when we decided to go upstairs to see what would happen, anyway, we got to making out, kissing, touching each other, and then she said that she doesn’t want to rush because she values the relationship and doesn’t want to ruin it, I understood so agreed, anyway, I went from right at the top of horny mountain to being dropped to the bottom, and then she said, I am ready, let’s do it, but then it just stopped again, so once again I was at top of horny mountain and got dropped again, this was seriously messing with my head, I was so confused, and my erection didn’t know what to do too, after that and a fair bit of pain between my stomach and penis, I decided to sort myself out in the bathroom, but because of the amount of stress I was under, I couldn’t get it up, but I needed this release, so I did whatever I could to get that release but in the end, it just didn’t feel as good as it normally does. Ever since then, I have been struggling with my sex drive, getting aroused and erections. A few weeks later, we were both ready, so we tried doggy style, but I was unable to penetrate her, I just couldn’t get hard enough, then missionary, same problem and then her on top, same problem, I was erect but whenever it came time to penetrate her, I just lost it. I am a virgin and just looking at getting help as I need to be able to enjoy sexual pleasure and to pleasure my girlfriend too. Thanks for reading

Hey @total-beige-tyrannosaurus - Thank you for sharing your story. It sounds like you’re having a really tough time, but I hope it brings you some comfort to know that it’s not unusual to lose your erection just as it comes to penetration. We hear similar experiences from our members all the time and it’s why we created Mojo. I think you’ll find our wax and wane exercise particularly helpful and I’m confident you’ll be able to enjoy sex the way you want to in no time. Best of luck with it all! Felix