Getting too excited when having sex

Whenever I have sex I only last about 2 minutes, I want to be able to give my partner more and I feel like I’m letting her down. I just get to the point of no return and can’t hold it back. Joined mojo, and hoping I can work on lasting longer

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Try the start stop technique , also you can try different positions ( woman on top helps )

Kegel exercises have been the biggest game changer for me. It’s a muscle that helps you pee.
There are a bunch of exercises that look silly but they are effective.

One is the hip thrust with your back on the floor. Thrust your hips up and you’ll feel that region under your testies squeeze and also your butt. Hold at the top for a few seconds then slowly go back down

The other exercise (my favorite bc you can do it literally anywhere) is where you try to do the action of holding in your pee or in other words, cut of the stream while peeing. This one took a little to get used to, but the best way to get the hang of it is to actually do it while you pee. Try cutting the stream and that is your kegel muscle contracting. Do this enough and you can do it anywhere. Standing, walking, laying down, and most importantly for this case, in the bedroom. Contracting it (in my experience) allows me to hold it in longer in time for me to switch positions.

I kid you not, I’ve gone from lasting from 2-5 minutes to almost finishing whenever I want! Do I still cum too fast for myself sometimes? Absolutely! I’m no sex god but these have given me more confidence that I can hold on longer

Sex is not a race, it’s a journey. Just like anything else, you can get better at it with training. Hope this helps!


Dude same you’re not alone, working on it too, following this app religiously and hoping in a few months I can even get like 5 minutes of consistent PIV. It sucks but we got this trust the process!

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Read She Comes First.

You can do down on her “core play” then finish in her “more play” . The book also has the most detailed explanation of cunnilingus I’ve ever seen.

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I feel that too. It’s crazy because I had these problems with my ex in the past and when I first started seeing my wife we never had this problem but it’s almost like it someone tells me “don’t cum yet” then my mind just goes into panic mode and I think that I’m going to. I think getting out of that mindset will help but it’s tough. I’m hoping the Kegels and other things will help too

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