Feeling better than ever before

Last night I was able to have the sex I’ve been dreaming about with my girlfriend. A little back story of where I was coming from. I never really felt horny or in the mood to have sex and I thought this was really weird because my girlfriend is extremely hot and I’m very attracted to her. We have had problems in the bedroom since we have started having sex and it was causing some issues. I was never able to stay hard unless she was riding. And even then sometimes I still couldn’t stay hard. I could get hard during foreplay but it always would go away when I would go to stick it in. And sometimes my erection would go away during the foreplay.

Last night i was able to get and keep a rock hard boner. I was able to stay in my body and out of my head and enjoy every bit of it and my girlfriend did too. I was able to perform in missionary which I almost never can. I was struggling before with either cumming to fast or not at all but last night was like the perfect amount of time for the both of us to really enjoy it.

I’ve only been on mojo now for 2 weeks and I feel a huge difference. The exercises in the app have help me tremendously. In particular the inner coach was a huge help, along with just getting to understand myself and my situation has helped a lot too. My confidence is way better than it was when I started and I know it’s only going to be up from here. This app has worked miracles I never thought were possible.

Some other things that I feel like have really benefitted me are thinking about having sex with my girlfriend and what I’m going to do the next time we do have sex. This allowed me to think about it, my inner critic would show up and I was able to use my inner coach. It also has made me feel more just over all by just thinking about having sex with her. I have limited my masturbation and I have noticed an increase in sensation while having sex too. I have never been so happy with my sexual life and it feels so good.


Thanks so much for sharing your success story, and what worked for you!!

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It sounds as though you have really managed to take the time to think about things and your increased self awareness is really helping you! Well done!!! Just keep doing what you are doing!