Fantasies and things that only turn me on

I can’t seem to masturbate to anything other than trans porn. I don’t get turned on to any straight porn anymore but I can’t see myself with a trans girl, I think Ive got my body used to trans porn and think that if i don’t watch it I won’t be able to cum.

You could always find a more dominant female partner who is probably willing to use a strap on…

So 2 possible outcomes:

  1. You used trans porn ao much that’s the only sexual trigger for you now. The solution would be to stop watching it (gradually would be better) and let your body and mind get used to new stuff
  2. Well maybe you are attracted to trans girls but because of stigma or some internalised tranaphobia you think you wouldn’t date them. You can always try
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I have tried but stuff and it didn’t feel good

I used to feel ashamed for masturbating to trans porn but I feel that I’ve grown more accepting and comfortable with it. I too feel like I can’t see myself with a trans girl but when I think about it I really can and I’m just worried about what people would think. I’ve admitted to some friends about attraction to trans girls but I couldn’t think to admit it to some of my family. I think the lesson here is to be more comfortable with the things I like regardless of what others think. I don’t have the same issue however. I do get turned on by straight porn. I’m attracted to feminine looking people regardless of genitalia.

Quit porn cold turkey and watch your life improve