Ex girl friend caused my psychological ED

Hi I just want to share my problem and see if anyone is in the same boat or has some solutions. So I had an ex about a year back and we got a long well but planned on waiting for sex sex. We had a few sessions of just oral and everything was fine but one night we decided to go for it. Keep in mind I don’t have too much experience I only had been with one girl before this one. So it was dark in the room and we went missionary but I felt like I was gonna cum within like 30 seconds so I pulled out and held then told her to switch to doggy. When she did I couldn’t find her hole. So I was legit stabbing at her and then I straight up said “put it in for me” and she goes “how do you not know where the hole is” and BOOM just like that soft af. She then went and hid in the blankets from me for like 30 mins saying she thinks I find her ugly and that no other guy has ever had this issue. Well 5-10 more failed sessions later we weren’t together and now a year goes by and I’m with a new girl. She also is kinda teasing me and what not before our first time, making me think she didn’t want it, then she did, then she didn’t. So me being me I sat back and figured she just wasn’t in the mood. It was our first time so I still didn’t know her sexually at all and I didn’t wanna force myself on her. She then goes “I love it when guys really push for what they want” and I was like “I’m not gonna force you to have sex with me”. Then she’s like “you’re such a sweet guyyyy” and it felt so emasculating so I legit stopped being turned on. She then ripped my pants off and tried to give me head but I was already losing my erection. Then as I’m getting soft she goes “being soft is crazy” and just stops what she’s doing and gets up. Then we tried again later that night and while she was going to grab a condom out of her droor I got soft yet again. But these things are anxiety related and fight or flight related 100 percent. I’m no where near relaxed once my buddy down south gets pulled out anymore. It was so bad I felt extremely light headed after our first try. I just want to know if anyone else has been in this kind of situation and maybe has some tips. Thanks guys