Erection Problem Or Libido?

I’m 23 years old married boy. I have been struggling to keeping it hard also I don’t see any morning wood at all.
I get hard but very rarely 100%. I feel very nervous when its bed time. Also I don’t feel desire that much for sex. I Don’t know what to do. What is the issue with me.

Maybe get your testosterone checked,
And if you’re on any SSRI (antidepressants) , this can also effect the sex drive,

Perhaps look into some natural testosterone regulators (not pure testosterone, but things that help the production and regulation)

Tongkat ali
Zinc and magnesium can also help

And possibly some like nitric oxide to help with the blood flow (clear out arteries)
And ofcourse look at your diet and work out
Eat more eggs / red meat
Cardio to help the blood flow - heavy weights for testosterone
(This advice is based off the fact you no longer get morning wood, making me think it’s not purely psychological )


That being said - psychology is always key, but if the physical side isn’t optimal then you can try that out to atleast rule that out as a problem ….
Also kegels , strengthen the pelvic floor to help have stronger erections