ED/performance anxiety related to fertility window

I’ve had issues with ED since my very first sexual experiences in my teens (I’m now in my early forties). In each relationship I’ve had I’ve either struggled a lot in the early stages before ultimately overcoming the problem to some degree through familiarity and partner support…or it hasn’t worked and contributed to the end of relationships that likely weren’t keepers anyway. Now I’m settled with my longest term partner, we have a child (evidence that it can work!) and are trying for another. Unsurprisingly, my ED has been triggered pretty acutely by the pressure of having to perform in ovulation periods. Time is not on our side - my partner is late-thirties, and we both lead busy working and parenting lives meaning relaxed time together is difficult even without this added variable. My partner has been supportive, but is finding it very tough at this point and the windows we do find for sex/potential conception have unfortunately become something we both dread. Am trying Mojo as a way to address what is a long-term problem head-on, and it’s definitely giving me insights and possible solutions from a few new angles…however from where we are currently at keeping things positive and finding the breakthrough feels a lot easier said than done, and my partner’s struggles with the situation are really making it feel like a vicious circle for us both.