Doing weghtlifting gave me ED - what can I do instead?

It turns out doing weights can give you ED - t can ruin the bloodflow and put too much stress on the body. As someone who wasn’t very active in my life it was really hard to give up the one thing that had stuck and made me stronger.

I am about to turn forty and need to do something that strengthens my muscles and bones, but I don’t know what it is.

I am very goal oriented as well and I don’t know what I could work towards if it wasn’t increasing weights.

NB: Cardio is no use to me really

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Disclaimer: I am not certified in any health field.

Although I do not know much about your situation, it seems as if you favor maintaining your well-being & strength, I applaud you for that and I hate that ED is trying to separate you from your self-development journey. My suggestion is to delve more into calisthenics. This form of exercise doesn’t involve utilizing weights other than your own body weight. This can be an alternative and put less stress on your body while gaining you access to staying fit and possibly enhancing your physique all while keeping your erections in line to your needs. Good luck to you.