Do you ever get anxious during sex? How does it affect you? (Part 1)

Yes I do. I will say it keeps me from getting an erection

Yes, I can’t get hard

I do, it begins when I know I will have sex and worry about not being able to perform. It can also happen when I think about work or something else, then POOF… my erection is gone.

I would often get anxious as a young guy and it’s kind of ingrained itself into how I approach sex. I will often here myself pre warm my partners ‘it may not work’ lol. That sucks and I’d like to break the cycle.

Yes. With a new partner I get in my head about getting it up which causes me to not enjoy the moment.

Yes, It gets up and as soon as I put the condom on it goes down

I’m always concerned I can’t please

get anxious and have a lot of thoughts etc like will it be good or will i fail. nowadays kinda of fear the sensation instead or loosening up and enjoying t

I am afraid I won’t get it up or it won’t be hard enough and that I will not satisfy my partner

I have GAD. I don’t know what “not being in my head” looks like. For anything. I don’t know what it means to just relax or be in my body. I just feel like I’m fundamentally broken.

Yes I get in my head and it distracts me

I’ve been getting anxious lately during sex, with a new partner.

I lose interest because I’m worried that I’m not going to perform, therefore I try to avoid it as best I can

Yes, every time. Ends up a lot of pushing rope

I do yes , it affects my erection and it goes away

I do, especially before penetration. If I can penetrate, while erect and hard, I usually do okay with the actual intercourse. I think my biggest issue is maintaining the erection I get from foreplay during the actual penetration. If I try to put on a condom beforehand, forget about it.

Yes. I worry, even before sex has started, that I won’t get an erection, and that I won’t be able to properly please my partner.

Almost always. Sometimes it affects my erection.

Fear of loosing my partner, fear to not satisfy her

i get stuck in my head.