Do you ever get anxious during sex? How does it affect you? (Part 1)

Sometimes… I get afraid that maybe they are just being obligatory… Or maybe done have the same desire or want me as much as I want them. Instead of enjoying it, I’m worried if I’m good enough.

Ive had erection issues with my partner ever since we seperated. even after getting back together, Ive always had major issues getting an erection and being relaxed during sexual settings

I do, i get soft when i would like to be hard and have sex with my girlfriend

Plenty of times. I don’t tend to anxious outside of sex but during sex it becomes more transparent because of this issue

That I suck. I start to think negative thoughts about myself and about how the other person is feeling. And that I’m probably meant to stay a gay bottom

Yes. It makes sex impossible.

Yes…lose all confidence… shuts me down …

yes, wasn’t able to get hard when I was about to lose virginity… I am thinking its the nerves as I am able to get hard when I am by myself

I slowly get soft over time

I usually do. In my head I’m just worried about letting the person down if I don’t perform well. I focus so much on performing good that I end not even enjoying it.

I think I want her to like it so much that it stresses me out.

Yes just worry if will get it up

I get in my head and lose the erection and can’t get it back because I’m in my head

My partner is understanding but if I ever lose my erection she talks and complains about it for ages after the session asking what I’m thinking about and lecturing me. It makes me quite stressed and I worry the next time we do it again. I try and avoid sex but know that I can’t because she’ll complain about that too

Yes I do. I panic internally but try to maintain a confident facade. And I lose my erection instantly.

I notice myself get anxious with a specific partner. It doesnt come forth as heavy anxiety, but rather me feeling i must somehow be my best with her. When i have had other casual partners, i find myself to be great in bed. I dont feel like i need to impress and then that results in much greater performace.

My thoughts start wandering and whirring about random stuff. And when I realize Im not in the moment it gets worse and worse and I have a soft one quickly. Especially the moment getting a condom is a killer

I get anxious to the point where I want it to happen but then I don’t because I’m worried about being bad in bed (50/50).

I concentrate on my cock going in and out instead of the other person and great situation. Then I start to get soft and concentrate harder making the situation worse

Yes. I will think of things i do not like to do while having sex and there is always some reason i am not physically comfortable.